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The Marina Dock Newsletter december 2002

Dear Marina Dock members and patrons alike,

It's hard to believe we are approaching the close of another year. I would like to take this opportunity to wish all our supporters and patrons a healthy, happy and peaceful holiday season. Your support large and small has allowed us to be there for the scores of newcomers and visitors who come though our doors every month. Not to mention myself and people like me who virtually use the place as a home from home for coming up on seventeen years in February 2003.

speaking of visitors

I happened to be there yesterday, Monday 25th, behind the counter around 3:30 pm when an out of breath couple from Tyler, Texas showed up for a meeting. The 3:30 pm was about to start and they were so grateful for (a) having found the place and b) a meeting that was about to start. The guy, true to his Texas roots was a big as a house and in an accent that would do LBJ justice said he was "jonesing for a meeting".
He grabbed himself a handful of muffins and a huge mug of coffee and proceeded to survey his surroundings. After a couple of swigs of coffee and a mouthful of muffin, he shot me a friendly smile and in a drawl that was quintessentially East Texan stated, "this is quite a spread you got here, partner". He asked me where I was from and I told him back east. "Where back East?" he asked. I said "Dublin, near Dublin". He issued a great bug below of a laugh and he and his partner ambled into the meeting. I think he ended up being the speaker or chairperson I believe is the term they use in other parts including the Texas Hill Country.

more about visitors

The night before, three people came out of the 10:00 pm meeting and said they were told to look me up by some friends back home. We all sat in serenity corner (the window seat) and it turned out they were all from my home county (Meath). They were from Trim, Navan, and Kells respectively. Once guy, Jim, has been sober since Adam was a boy. We talked the talk and reminisced about the wreckage of our respective pasts laughing at the folly and futility of our personal adventures before and after. They were on their way to Vegas for a convention over the holiday weekend. Sounds good to me.

escalation of the marina dock war on nicotine

Recovery is contagious. The latest recruit against the war on tobacco is our morning staff person, Michael L. I believe he is in the fourth week. Everyday we are growing in numbers and the meetings are there to assist and make quitting easier. Richard "The Force" W has played a big part in making new Nicotine Anonymous meetings available to those new ex-smokers reaching out.

new narcotics anonymous meeting

Monday night, folks, at 8:30 pm a step/speaker format in the East Room. Each week they are getting more people. If you attended a meeting at the Marina Dock or you help in establishing a new meeting you are indirectly helping in the effort to keep our doors open for those still suffering.
I am always somewhat perplexed when announcements are made about meetings that need support at other locations. Especially when the person making the announcement is a frequent attendee at meetings at the Marina Dock and the Dry Dock before it.
Too often we have seen the message diluted by too many meetings in too many locations citywide. Meetings that subsequently fold for lack of support and an inability to pay the rent and other expenses relating to starting meetings. Doesn't charity begin at home? And must we not bite the hand that feeds us? I just thought I would throw that out there because I feel sometimes people well intentioned, of course, don't necessarily think that through. It was always a good idea to promote a vague, new meeting somewhere else and what are the consequences for the meeting I am now sitting in? A meeting I quite like and attend on a regular basis?

frank b a sleeping giant

He looked so peaceful I did not have the nerve to disturb him I looked around and say lots of new faces and new pictures. I will try to see him again before the next newsletter.

london calling

I also want to say hello to my friend Patrick S from London. Jim met you in New York and gave me the message.

about money

We don't have any. We need some and I am tired asking.


Until next time,

Anthony T. Murray ("Irish Tony")


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