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The Marina Dock Newsletter May 2002

Dear Marina Dock Members and Patrons alike, in an economic climate less than favorable, we continue to make improvements to the Marina Dock facility and maintain the highest quality of service to our patrons.

The financial report in today’s San Francisco Chronicle (Saturday April 27th) that is titled “Economy’s growth belies weakness” confuses the issue of economic recovery even more. Apparently, first quarter growth may be the  “high Point” of a recovery that is already flagging. This first quarter performance, it seems, falsely represents the economy’s strength. Wall Street, however, is not impressed by official reports and focused more on a University of Michigan survey that shows consumer sentiment falling in April from the previous month. There appears to be a dichotomous schizo-typal pattern to economic performance in general, where consumers are in a spending frenzy but businesses are still in recession.

It’s reassuring to know that I am not alone when it comes to contradictory and confusing messages.

Down Tools Time

There is light at the end of the tunnel as far as the interior remodeling goes. Again, we would like to commend our patrons and members for their tolerant and understanding attitude under extremely trying circumstances over the last few months.

Richard W, our in-house maintenance man, did everything possible to keep things running smoothly during this period. He did point out to me that not one meeting was canceled because of the work in progress. It was difficult for him to get a flow going because of our meeting room usage, having to constantly breaking equipment down and reassembling it to facilitate meetings.

Over the past month, you will have noticed that the ceiling work has been brought to conclusion and a few fan installed in the social room, ready for the summer.

The construction will end this month with the laying of already purchased carpets and the completion of the sink in the West Room.

The skid row of success (Alcoholics Anonymous “Big Book” page 301)

Today, Saturday, I had a great visit with Francis Joseph Xavier, a.k.a. Frank B at Saint Anne's on Fourth Avenue and Lake Street. He was in great form, joshing with Sister Germaine, who challenged him to a game of Indian wrestling. Sister Germaine, on losing the contest, commented “Gee Frank, I would hate to have gotten into a fight with you”. He responded with one of his trademark Frank gestures of powerlessness — palms outstretched, eyes gazing to the heavens — and in a voice tempered by the passage of time, said softly: “I can be gentle now.”

When Sister Germaine left, I read to him his favorite story from the Big Book “Physician Heal Thyself” (page 301). Every time I visit, we go through this ritual. At some point, I suggest we read the story his eyes twinkle knowingly and he proceeds to talk about his old friend and sponsee Dr Earle M.

I asked Frank how the sponsorship with Earle went. He said I told him three things: Be your own best friend, don’t get in your own way, and don’t get in anyone else’s way either. No matter how many times I read that story to Frank, we both continue to get great enjoyment from it.

For Frank, I suppose, it rekindles the distant memories of his role in another’s quest for recovery and spiritual wholeness. For me it reinforces and affirms my belief that no matter how many times I crack open the Big Book, not only am I identifying with someone else’s experience, but I am also reliving a huge slice of AA history.

We need your continued support

If you have thought about contributing, this would be a very good time to follow through.

Our income has fallen short of our operating expenses considerably for the last three months. If you can help us weather this storm, we could use some funds. If you are hurting, come on down relax help yourself to a cup of tea or coffee, take in a meeting and reach out to someone less fortunate.

For those of you who have paid dues and made donations already, and continue to do so in your quiet and humble way, we are always heartfeltly grateful for your contribution to maintaining the Marina Dock and how this silent positive force makes it all possible for everyone, and we thank you most sincerely.

If you wish to help us out further, remember that we accept cash, checks with ID, Visa, MasterCard and ATM Debit transactions. You can also donate and pay dues over the web from our website at

Meetings and Workshops Schedule Update

Some important changes afoot.

The ever-popular Relaxation and Meditation Workshop with Swami Satyambrananda moves to a new schedule. From 1 May, the workshop will be held on the first and last Sunday of each month. Repeat: From 1 May, the workshop with Swami Satyambrananda will be held on the first and last Sunday of each month. Although no longer a weekly event, the start time of the workshop remains at 7:30 pm.

For your diary, the Relaxation and Meditation workshop dates for May will be Sunday May 5 and Sunday May 26 at 7:30 pm.  All welcome.

Upcoming meetings and workshops

Starting soon, there will be a new workshop at the Marina Dock, dealing with Anger Management. Details of this workshop will be announced over the coming weeks.

There will also be a new Marijuana Anonymous meeting starting soon. Stay tuned to our schedule in the Marina Dock or to our website at for more information.

If you feel there is a need for starting a new meeting or workshop, then start by contacting the staff at the Front Desk.

New schedule Available

There is now a new-printed workshops and meeting schedule in circulation for May and June 2002, which contains the latest information and contact numbers. This can be obtained from the Marina Dock or from our website (you can download a printable version too).

New ACA Telephone Number

There is a new telephone number for Adult Children of Alcoholics in the Bay Area. Contact the Marina Dock.

The Marina Dock[1] is On TV!

We close with a testimonial from JM, a visitor to the Marina Dock lately. “I was able to view the Marina Dock meeting schedules and information on your website from my hotel room TV while at a conference in San Diego last month. I was isolating and needed to read stories about recovery on the web. When I found your site, I took great solace from what goes on at the Marina Dock and was heartened reading the story of recovery, your newsletters, testimonials and the Dry/Marina Dock progress over the past 16 years. Therefore, I went straight to the Marina Dock when I arrived in San Francisco! Even though I arrived late in the city on a Friday, I was still able to catch an AA meeting at midnight and get great coffee and conversation! There is no other place like the Marina Dock anywhere. Thank you for being there! I enclose a contribution with gratitude.”

The solution is love. So, until next time,

Anthony T Murray (“Irish Tony”)

[1] Well, sort of…


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