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The Marina Dock Newsletter September 2002

Dear Marina Dock members and patrons alike,

How bad is this economy? I just found out today that a well establish four star hotel in downtown San Francisco is turning their rooms into dorms for rent to students for the next year. This is actually true.

I don’t have to remind anyone of how dismal things are on the economic front. Money is so tight there is a rumor floating around that even one of San Francisco’s most revered institutions “The Coalition for Panhandlers” are serious considering Gavin Newsom’s “Care not Cash” initiative as a viable options. The logic being, in a recession “The trickle down theory” is exactly what it purports to be “theory” so treatment and rehabilitation (three hots and a cot) all of a sudden look quite appealing.


We are hurting and have been for several months now. Our income in the first six months of this year has dropped 30% over the first six months of last year. Our prudent reserve of earlier this year was used up on operating expenses due to the shortfall and for improvements to the facility.

I am in the process of introducing draconian measures in an effort to keep us afloat. I laid off two part-time people and cut back on other staff members hours. I have approached the owners requesting a re-negotiation of our lease. If we all work together and chip in we can ride this one out but cost cutting is definitely the order of the day.


Right now, is, everybody is hurting and in need of relief but we have been down this road before and we have managed to pull through. If you are one of the few people not feeling flush, we could sure use your help. If we get though September, we should turn it around in October.


More and more people are coming to us everyday, some directly, others through the courts, treatment centers, and rehabilitation facilities. Unfortunately, they are for the most part financially strapped and are unable to contribute. In time this too shall pass and they will become productive and self-supporting individuals making a contribution, our goal is to assist in making all this a reality by doing everything possible to keep our doors open.


There is a Spanish-speaking CODA meeting on Thursday Night 8:20 pm, it needs support. There are also Nicotine Anonymous meetings on Monday 6:00 pm and Saturday 10:00 am. There is also a Cocaine (Crack) Anonymous meeting on Saturday evening that needs support. On Friday evening, there is space available for an NA meeting or any others with an interest in starting a new meeting in the West Room.


I have to report, since our last newsletter, the passing of Wade D’s wife of 63 years, Pauline. I knew though Wade that Pauline had not been well for some time. I just happen to call him the morning she dies although overcome by grief and mourning over the loss of his beloved Pauline, he wanted to talk about ways he could help The Marina Dock and new ideas for raising funds. When I tried to console him and suggested he not bother with such matters now, he replied “It always helps me when I think of others and put them before myself.” Maybe once in a lifetime, if you are lucky, do you get to know a guy like this. The entire Marina Dock Community offers their condolences.

Sandy W also passed away in August. Sandy was a regular at the Marina Dock over the last six years or so. I first met Sandy at the Henry Ohlhoff Recovery Programs when I worked there as a counselor. She put me on a pedestal and somehow had the idea that I had all the answers. I took her aside one day and told her if she kept coming back “This too shall pass” and it did.  Sandy was heavily involved in service and found her nice in the scheme of things.  Again, the Marina Dock would like to extend our deepest sympathy to all Sandy’s fellowship friends and her family.


I would like to remind everyone that, in the final analysis, we are essentially a higher power based operation. We do the best we can and turn the rest over to a higher authority. I believe I right now doing all I can to make things work but I am not above asking for help$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$. New membership or renewal of membership would definitely make a difference.

Until next time the solution is love.

Anthony T Murray ("Irish Tony")


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