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The Marina Dock Newsletter September 2006

Dear Marina Dock Members and Patrons:

Newsletter has to go out early this month I am scheduled to have surgery at Saint Mary's hospital on August the 31st, I can no longer endure the back and leg pain that has bedeviled me for the last 7 years. This is one of those "let go and let God" situations.

September is upon us and the living is easy except we could use some funds this month, but first I want to thank the people who came through for us in August, without your support we could not have done it. Ideally what we need right now is someone with a penchant for pizza and a car or a yatch they would like to donate . Our latest fundraising project involves Marina Dockers buying their pizzas at "Extreme Pizza." Go to any Extreme Pizza location and mention The Marina Dock and Fifteen percent of your total purchase will be donated to The Marina Dock.

I suppose if you eat enough pizza you would need to get out of your car and start doing some serious walking. This could very well be a win, win situation for everyone concerned, if we can get enough people to participate?

"How It Works"

Order Extreme Pizza at any of their locations and mention "The Marina Dock" The Marina Dock is a clean and sober social club in the Marina district of San Francisco where people in 12 step recovery programs attend meetings and socialize. It is also a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation. Each time you buy a pizza at Extreme Pizza , 15% of your total cost will go to The Marina Dock.
Enjoy awesome pizza and at the same time help keep The Marina Dock and its members in recovery. If you have questions email (replace _at_ with @).
For those of us who may go overboard with the pizza and discover we can no longer operate our vehicle as a result of this experience, you can donate it to The Marina Dock by calling the following number 1-888-686-4483 .

We could actually use some help with both these projects, if you are a member or supporter who has a business or a website that would like to post a flier or a message about either one of these projects, that additional exposure, could bring in some badly needed funds. Fliers can be picked up at The Marina Dock or email me at:

Codependency: Defense Mechanisms that Drive Lovers Away

Inner Child Healing will hold a presentation and demonstration of how we hide our true gifts, a fund raiser for the Marina Dock on Saturday, September 30, 2006  at 3:15 PM in the Marina Dock.


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