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"With my AA resources in hand, I found the Marina Dock, one of those gathering places where meetings go from dawn to past dusk. In the embrace of its friendly rooms, I learned about a San Francisco I'd never known." (Jim U., AA Grapevine January 2002)

"The Marina Dock has been a 'rock' of Fellowship for so many years, and to so many people. " (F&C S)

"I now attend meetings there on a daily basis. The Women's AA Friday 5.30 pm meeting is my home group. The fellowship of women and the help that is freely given there is unbelievable. I have a network of sober women friends that I have met over the years at The Marina Dock, that have carried me through not taking a drink one day at a time." (B)
"My visits to Marina Dock quickly became a happy and daily ritual for my stay in San Francisco.  To my knowledge, nothing like it yet exists anywhere in the UK, sadly." (SC)
"Many thanks to all the people at the Marina Dock who helped me over the past 3 years to stay clean and sober - there is nothing like it!" (MK)

"The Marina Dock was a lifeboat for me when everything else in my life was sinking. I have now been sober for over a year and I attend meetings at the Marina Dock daily. " (M)

"When people asked me what I liked best about San Francisco, I immediately responded 'the fellowship I found at The Marina Dock!" (P)

"I am eternally grateful for all of the warmth, wisdom, spirituality, friendship, and recovery I have found at the Marina Dock. " (MW)

"Thank you for your song in silence the happiness has just begun, so you see this is my beginning and this is my chapter one." (T)
"We have been coming there for the past five years. If it weren't for the Marina Dock we wouldn't have years of sobriety now .". (D+L)
"Heartfelt thanks for being there and welcoming us since 1986, keeping a candle lit and a coffeepot on for the next person who needs a meeting." (T)
"The past year has been amazing for me and the Dock has been an integral part of my recovery. The rooms have made me very aware of how important this fellowship of AA is to my sobriety." (MLH)

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